The Fuller Company / strategic counselors
The Fuller Company / strategic counselors

Strategic Counsel from Experts

Strategic Leadership:  Today's leaders face critical moments with ever greater frequency from multiple consitutencies.  Whether facing shareholders, policy makers, the media or any number of other constituency groups, our Strategic Counselors are ready to develop scenarios and design a strategy to win favorable outcomes.


Strategic Communications:  Telling a story and enhancing the perception of a leader or a company is increasingly difficult with many media channels.  Our Strategic Counselors bring experience in all forms of strategic communication to ensure the message is received by the audiences you are seeking to reach.


Strategic Entreprenuership:  Our Strategic Counselors bring experience in launching new enterprises as well as retooling existing businesses of all sizes.  From concept through research and into execution, Strategic Counselors will work with you to drive toward desired outcomes.


Strategic Experiences:  In a world of digital interaction, there remains a need for face-to-face shared experiences. Our Strategic Counselors have created events, retreats, business sessions and business entertainment opportunities around the world.  Seeking the perfect setting and flawless execution for the experience that must deliver is more art than science and, like all the other services, experience really does make a difference.

How We Work

Relationships start in a meeting with Craig Fuller.  The discussion focuses on what an individual or organization desires in a relationship with The Fuller Company.  During the initial discussion and in subsequent conversations, a plan will be developed.  It may involve a series of discussions that continues in one-on-one meetings.  Or, it may involve recruiting other members of a client team.  The process is personal and direct with the intent of exceeding a prospective client's expectations.


Once there is complete alignment regarding a client's objectives and desired outcomes, a professional services plan is presented for review.  If accepted, the work begins!

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